Saturday, December 17, 2016

Show #572--12/18/16

My "extra" show called the Monday Music Club returns for the next 5 or 6 weeks during IUP's Christmas break. It's a deeper dive into 60s and 70s music. Starting tomorrow (12/19), from 6-10 PM. 

She Says What She Means--Sloan
I Finally Found the Love I Need--Jerry (J.G.) Green
Deeper and Deeper--The Fixx
Cuban Slide--Pretenders  
Because I'm Me--The Avalanches  
What Have You Done for Me Lately--Naytronix & tUnE-yArDs
You Haven't Done Nothin'--Jen Chapin  
Watermelon Man--Herbie Hancock  
Crow Jane--The Derek Trucks Band  
Press On--Euphone
Be Gone--Brad Laner
Chambre a Coucher--The OBGMs



Stairs--Joyce Manor
All Through the Night--Gentle Giant
Shadows on the Street--Gentle Giant
Some Serious Gravity--Janita
Wear Me Out Loud--The I Don't Cares
Alaska--Maggie Rogers  
Let 'Em Say--Lizzo & Caroline Smith
Wednesday Week--The Undertones  
My Clone Sleeps Alone--Pat Benatar
The Metro--Berlin  
Sorry for Being the Man of 1000 Questions--Kristoffer Ragnstam
Groovin'--Reverend Organdrum
Spinning Away--John Cale & Brian Eno
Electric Sunrise--Plini

HOUR 3   FEATURE ALBUM: "SHEET MUSIC" (1974) by 10cc 

Feature albums return during IUP's Christmas break. 

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