Saturday, March 19, 2011

Show #274--3/20/11

The Golden Age—The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Official Secrets—M
Burn the City—Little Insects
Them That Do Nothing—Field Music
Peace One—Mahavishnu John McLaughlin
Carrying the Wet Wood—Maps & Atlases
Lock and Key—The Whispertown 2000
16 Days—Whiskeytown
Man of Devotion—Fools Garden
Conceived—Beth Orton

Hour 2—Parlor Game:   "The ____________s"

“Parlor Game” is a term I use when I come upon an idea for a theme that goes beyond simple explanation and into realms of obscurity that generally pleases the host most of all (only more so than usual this week).

So, as explanations go: In recent weeks, I’ve listened to enough music from groups that have one-word plurals as their names that it kind of stuck out to me, and I wondered if I would be able to assemble an hour’s worth of these groups. Not groups that follow the template “The _______s,” as there are millions of those, but just that one-word plural. 

Turns out…I was able to. It seems a more modern phenomenon, though there are a small number of older, familiar groups on tap tonight as well.

It’s probably best seen (heard) as just another mix, but there’s your explanation. These are the groups that made tonight’s mix (there are, of course, more; perhaps you know some yourself):  

Stay with Me—Faces
Put Us Back Together Right—Headlights
Too Late—Shoes
Arrow Through Me—Wings
Instant Weight Loss—Sparks
Just Got Lucky—JoBoxers
The Sugar Society—Cinwaves
I See it Coming—Guards
King of the Beach—WAVVES
What Remains—Foals 

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