Saturday, March 05, 2011

Show #272--3/6/11

Night After Night—Conductor
It Ain’t None of Your Business—Missing Persons
Bumpin’ Rap Tapes—Japanther
Think About Me—The Tubes
Don’t Always Look at the Rain—Howard Jones
Deadzy—John Scofield
Mexico—The Soft Pack
Morning Sun—Robbie Williams

Hour 2—The Originals

Tonight, famous songs whose original versions were not hits (OK, save one, and not in this country, anyway); you may not have ever heard these, or perhaps not in a while. 

I’ve Got My Mind Set on You—James Ray
Suspicion—Elvis Presley
Everybody’s Talkin’—Fred Neil
All Along the Watchtower—Bob Dylan
Aquarius—Ronald Dyson (from “Hair” Original Cast)
Woodstock—Joni Mitchell (Live fromCelebration at Big Sur)
My Sweet Lord—Billy Preston
Sentimental Lady—Fleetwood Mac
Poor Poor Pitiful Me—Warren Zevon
Love is the Answer—Utopia
Family Man—Mike Oldfield
Blinded by the Light—Bruce Springsteen

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