Sunday, May 09, 2010

Show #231--5/9/10

Tell the Truth [Live]—Ray Charles
T’aint it the Truth—Ernie K-Doe
Truth is Hard—The Raincoats
Truth Sets In—Avi Buffalo
Your Hands (Together)—The New Pornographers
I Claim it Mine—Unnatural Helpers
Run, Run, Run—Sly & the Family Stone

America Drinks/Status Back Baby/Uncle Bernie’s Farm/Son of Suzy Creamcheese
—Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention

(Happy Mothers' Day?)

Old Brown Shoe—The Beatles
To Go Home—M. Ward
Sinner—Neil Finn

Hour 2—The Originals

Songs you just may know better in another (more popular version).  Here are the originals! 

Featuring music by:  Bobby Day, Gil Hamilton, Brenda Holloway, Little Willie John, Smiley Lewis, Lori Lieberman, Nilsson, Michel Polnareff, Cat Stevens, The Stokes, The Vibrations, Kim Weston, and Kai Winding. 


Gonzo said...

Two things I can't believe:

1). That it took me two days to realize why you played a block of Zappa.

2). That I didn't think of it first.

Marc said...

Here's some nerdy insight. It must have been subconscious on my part, because I didn't realize the "Mothers" connection until after I had programmed it. I was inspired by "Run, Run, Run" by Sly etc. and its line "...they don't like what we're thinking. At least we are not staggering from drinking," which is very much a Zappa-esque sentiment of the time, too. So I decided to add some Zappa critique. The obvious connection was just a happy accident. I love that.

Gonzo said...

Years ago when Ryko did the FZ reissues, somehow a friend got on their mailing list. Ryko apparently sent everyone an FZ-themed Mother's Day card that year.