Wednesday, May 12, 2010

About this Sunday's show...

...There won't be one.

It's time for the annual weekend powering-down of the campus for routine maintenance.  So all programming this weekend is cancelled.

However, WIUP-FM will be on the air once again Monday morning at 9:00 AM.

Which brings me to Monday night.

Tune in for First Impressions, a new music show co-hosted by Dr. Gonzo and yours truly.  Every Monday night during the summer from 8 to 9 PM.

This week we feature music and commentary on New Young Pony Club's "The Optimist" and the New Pornographers' "Together."

Plus, this week, hear Gonzo take on my "#1 Record Challenge, " where I'll have a number of quick snippets of #1 hit records from 1958 to 2010, and we'll see how many he can identify.  Play along and see if you can beat Gonzo!  (The link to the live stream's up top, where it always is.)

After First Impressions, stay tuned for a special Monday Sampler from 9 PM to 12 Midnight, again, all through the summer.  I'll always have a feature album in the 11:00 hour.  This week's feature album (played in its entirety, cos it's so awesome):  For the Roses by Joni Mitchell (1972).

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