Friday, April 10, 2009

Show #176--4/12/09

Towerblock—Julia Fordham
Right as Rain—Adele
You’ve Made Me So Very Happy—Blood, Sweat & Tears
The Easy Way Out—Josh Ottum
Walk Tall (Like a Man)—The 2 of Clubs
She’s Not There—The Zombies
The Great Banana Hoax—The Electric Prunes
Journey to Tyme—Kenny & the Kasuals
Airstream Driver—Gomez
All Too Much—Gomez
Midnight Rocks—Al Stewart
People Got a Lotta Nerve—Neko Case
Birds and Ships—Natalie Merchant
Peace in the End—Fotheringay

Hour 2—“Featuring unique instruments…”

*The Princely Hours—Erik Norlander (moog)
Lucky Man—Emerson, Lake & Palmer (moog, Keith Emerson)
Do It Again—Steely Dan (electric sitar, Denny Dias)
Turn Down Day—The Cyrkle (sitar, Tom Dawes)
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)—The Beatles (sitar, George Harrison)
So Long Baby—Del Shannon (musitron, Max Crook; kazoo, Del Shannon)
Velvet Waters—The Megatrons (soprano sax, Heywood Henry)

Barstow—Harry Partch
(surrogate kithara, chromelodeon I, diamond marimba, bamboo marimba)
(all instruments played by Harry Partch and John Stannard)

Twitchy—Rene Hall’s Orchestra featuring Willie Joe (unitar, Willie Joe Duncan)
Into the Dream—Pat Metheny Group (42 string “Pikasso” guitar, Pat Metheny)
Carrie-Anne—The Hollies (steelpan)
Moonlight Feels Right--Starbuck (marimba, Bo Wagner)
I Know There’s an Answer—The Beach Boys (bass harmonica, Tommy Morgan)
Good Vibrations—The Beach Boys (electro-theremin, Paul Tanner)

*Erik Norlander's track was composed for the Bob Moog Foundation. Clicking that link will take you to the foundation's websiter, where you can hear this track again, download it, and find more information about electronic music pioneer Bob Moog and the efforts to build a museum in his honor in his longtime home of Asheville, NC.

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