Thursday, April 02, 2009

Show #175--4/5/09

Animal Zoo—Spirit
Follow Me—Sharks
Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine—Country Joe & the Fish
Expecting to Fly—Buffalo Springfield
Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It—Buffalo Springfield
Long Title: Do I Have to Do This All Over Again—The Monkees
I Need a Lover—John Cougar
Stay for the Freak—Emperor Penguin
Where Does it Hide?—Alligators
On the Earth—Persephone’s Bees
Open Up Your Door—Richard and the Young Lions
Cannibal Queen—Miniature Tigers
What Do You Belong To—Jules and the Polar Bears
Oh No—Andrew Bird

Going to try and do something different, beginning this week--I usually play a smattering of new music on each week's show; to encourage the listener to investigate further into the artist, I'll link the titles of those new tracks to the artist's website, or their MySpace page, etc. Keep in mind that on many of these pages there are embedded music players within, so music may start to play when you load their page, just so you know. Wouldn't want anyone to be confused as to why, for instance, two songs are playing on top of each other during my show (presuming, perhaps erroneously that you listen to my show)!...and if you end up becoming a fan of their music, please let them know where you heard/found 'em!

The final track of the first hour is something new from Andrew Bird. I don't know if he consciously sets out to do this, but he sure has a knack for the thoughtful, wistful song (his whistling only adds to that perception). I came across this link which features Bird's discussing his thought processes as he was organizing the ideas and music which eventually came together as the song "Oh No." I found it very interesting, and it added another layer of appreciation to my enjoyment of the song. Perhaps you'll like it, too:

Hour 2—Fools

I’m a Fool to Want You—Frank Sinatra
Kissing a Fool—George Michael
Fool in the Rain—Led Zeppelin
Fool in Love with You—Jim Photoglo
Who’ll Be the Fool Tonight?—Larsen/Feiten Band
Educated Fool—Charles Brown
I Pity the Fool—Bobby “Blue” Bland
Fool for You—The Impressions
Fool Too Long—Rockpile
Man of a Fool—Nick Lowe
Fool Country—Olivia Newton-John
Chain of Fools—Aretha Franklin
The Fool’s Fooling Himself—Scott Matthews

*Yep, sure, there are many more 'fool' songs that I didn't get to play during this hour. If I get some suggestions for songs, I'll do a 'Get Fooled Again' theme next week....and if not, then you're at my mercy...again. Leave a comment below.

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