Sunday, December 02, 2012

Show #362--12/2/12

Come Back and Stay—Paul Young
The Farther Away I Am—Daryl Hall
Center of Attention—Guster
Swordfishtrombone—Tom Waits
Bogeyman—Roger Klug
Sell Sell—Alan Price
Grow Up and Blow Away—Metric 
Woman on a Train—The Fixx
Ballroom Baby—The Checks
The Bottle—Gil Scott-Heron

Hour 2: Her Name is…

Marlene—Jackson C. Frank
Martha—Jefferson Airplane
Melissa—The Allman Brothers Band
Carol—Al Stewart
Kate—Ben Folds Five
Ruby—Kaiser Chiefs 
Joanne—Michael Nesmith and the First National Band
Helen—The Cave Singers
Linda—Breathe Owl Breathe
Angelina—Gary Brooker
Monica—The Kinks
Victoria—The Kinks
Ramona—The Stampeders
Nicole—Point Blank 

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