Saturday, September 01, 2012

Show #349--9/2/12

Nothing New—April March
Drinking in L.A.—Bran Van 3000
As a Child—Suzanne Vega
Infinite Me—The Lapse
23—Blonde Redhead
Letter from an Occupant—The New Pornographers
Wonder Girl—Sparks
Bustin’ Loose—Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers

Hour 2: Three Longer Pieces

Nothing very complicated here, just three extended instrumentals that I think are interesting and worth your time.

The Bullion track came out last year. This is an EP released by London producer Nathan Jenkins, and it’s a crazy quilt of fun dance music with different moods, samples, and the like. I really enjoyed it, and would’ve put it on my “Favorites of 2011” show…but it’s 20 minutes long, and there was too much other stuff, blah blah. So it “debuts” on tonight’s show.

The Derek Trucks Band cut is from their 2006 album “Songlines.” It’s a remake of a song by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, at first meditative, then funky and declamatory. Sort of hypnotic, too.

Finally, one half of one of the cornerstones of progressive rock, Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells.” I’m playing Part One, as I’m kind of partial to that side, and I think it stands fairly well on its own (though the whole album is an experience worth spending some time with at least once. It gets more bizarre on Side 2).

Those not familiar with the piece under that name may recognize the opening themes – they were appropriated by director William Friedkin for his movie “The Exorcist.” Favorite part’s the end of Side 1, though.

You Drive Me to Plastic—Bullion
Sahib Teri Bandi/Maki Madni—The Derek Trucks Band
Tubular Bells Part One—Mike Oldfield 

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