Sunday, April 29, 2012

Show #331--4/29/12

Love is the Answer—Utopia
Universal Heart-Beat—Juliana Hatfield
Another Nail in My Heart—Squeeze
Brick by Brick—Arctic Monkeys
Legal Tender—The B-52’s
Money—The Flying Lizards
Running on a Treadmill—Oingo Boingo
Strangeness and Charm—Tim Finn
Drop in the Ocean—Michelle Branch

Hour 2: Sunshine Pop Revisited

I've noticed some internet searchers have found their way to my blog via previous shows on this theme -- the softest of soft pop from the late 60s/early 70s. Exploring this great niche of music tonight once again:

The Time it is Today—The Association
Love You—The Free Design
Prelude/To Claudia on Thursday—The Millennium
I’m Not Living Here—Sagittarius
It Doesn’t Matter Anymore—The Cyrkle
Mrs. Bluebird—Eternity’s Children
Mr. Sun—The Lettermen
Forever Hold Your Peace—The Neon Philharmonic
Sugar on Sunday—The Clique 
Come to the Sunshine—Harpers Bizarre
Don’t Take Your Time—Roger Nichols & the Small Circle of Friends
Blowing Away—The 5th Dimension
If I Decide to Love You (I Will)—Kenny Nolan
Gone for Awhile—The Critters
Early in the Morning—Vanity Fare
Whisper Words—The Staccatos
Smile a Little Smile For Me—The Flying Machine
Summer Days, Summer Nights—The Street Corner Society 

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