Sunday, August 21, 2011

Show #296--8/21/11

Everything in its Right Place—Radiohead
Blue Jeans—Ladytron
Don’t Shoot (I’m a Man)—Devo
Shake for the Sheik—Escape Club
Brass in Pocket (I’m Special)—The Pretenders
The Sound of You—Zeus
So Long, Superman—Firewater

Hour 2: The Visitors and the Visited

Back Door Man—Howlin’ Wolf
Keep a Knockin’—Little Richard
Be My Guest—Fats Domino
Let’s Invite Them Over—George Jones & Melba Montgomery
Walk Right In—The Rooftop Singers
Come on In—The Association
Let ‘Em In—Wings
Mr. Spaceman—The Byrds
Martian Hop—The Ran-Dells
Homecoming—Tom T. Hall
So Long Dad—Randy Newman
Busy Doin’ Nothin’—The Beach Boys
Lead a Normal Life—Peter Gabriel
Don’t Worry About the Government—Talking Heads
My City Was Gone—The Pretenders
Paintball’s Coming Home—Half Man Half Biscuit
Who Can it Be Now?—Men at Work
Somebody’s Knockin’—Terri Gibbs
Devil at Your Door—Elizabeth Barraclough 

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