Saturday, April 09, 2011

Show #277--4/10/11

We Will All Go Together When We Go—Tom Lehrer
Shake ‘Em on Down—Mississippi Fred McDowell
Hats Off to (Roy) Harper—Led Zeppelin
China Girl—Roy Harper
Candlelighter Man—Fanny
Thunder and Lightning—Chi Coltrane
The Mama Papa—Plants and Animals
Better Than Nothing—Jennifer Trynin
I Do Not Play No Rock ‘n’ Roll—Dangerman

Library of Congress National Recording Registry 2011 Selections

Hour 2—You Don’t Know Me, I Don’t Know You

You Don’t Know Me—Ray Charles
Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out—Nina Simone
Who Was That Man?—Nick Lowe
Walk on By—Leroy Van Dyke
Daylight Stranger—Gary Puckett & the Union Gap
Take Time to Know Her—Percy Sledge
Danger! She’s a Stranger—The Five Stairsteps
People Are Strange—The Doors
She is Still a Mystery—The Lovin’ Spoonful
Beautiful People—Melanie
The Stranger—Billy Joel
Stranger in My Home Town—Foghat
Eyes of a Stranger—The Payola$
No One Here Knows Jane—Warren Zanes
Stranger to Himself—Traffic 

My name is Fred McDowell. They call me Miss'ippi Fred McDowell. But it, my home's in Ro[ss]ville Tennessee. But it don' make any different, it soun' good to me. I seem like I'm at home in there when I'm in Miss'ippi? An' I do not play no rock'an'roll y'all. I jus' play jus' straight an' natchel blue? An' whenever you get somebody, y'know, want to plo:w for you, just call for Fred McDowell, yeh. I wa[s] raised on the farm, y'unnerstan'? Now only way you can rock Fred, you have to put him in a rocking chair, or either lay me down, y'unnerstan, yeh. Heh, that's my type of rockin', yeh heh heh. [plays a line]

An' my type of blue? I play it with a bottleneck? I first got this style from a beef bone, y' understan' me. Rib wha' come out of a steak? My uncle, when I was a small boy in the country. He ground this bone down, and filed it with a file, and put 't'on his little fi[ae]nger. But I play't on my ri[ae]ng finger, y' understan'? An' nis a- dis here bottleneck sound better'n the bone, cause you get more clar- clear sound outa it. [plays a chord]

An' I, I would like for you to, you- who's never listen to me. [Come] over here an' buy one of the tape, a album, anything. I like for, I like for you to listen at what I'm saying. I'd make the guitar say what I say, y'understan'. [plays line] If I say 'Our Father'? it'll say 'Our Father'. [chord] If I give out a hymn? it'll say it. [chord] If I play '[A]mazin' Grace'? it'll si[ae]ng that too. [plays line] Now that's my style, what you hear me doing there. [plays line] I hope y'all like it, who's never git it.

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