Sunday, June 06, 2010

Show #234--6/6/10

Sometimes She’s a Little Girl—Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart
Moves—The New Pornographers
Measure—Field Music
The Renegade—Zeus
Old Timer—that dog.
Stylo—Gorillaz [feat. Mos Def & Bobby Womack]
Children of the Revolution—T. Rex
Be My Girl—Smith Westerns
Chasing Pavements—Adele
As Máscaras—Claudia Leitte
Son a Propulsion—Juan Pablo Torres y Algo Nuevo
Que Pasa?/Me No Pop I—Coati Mundi

Hour 2—A Round of Remakes

Distinctive versions of songs you know well.  Come and hear what The Baltimores, Jonatha Brooke, Capsula, Fol Chen, The Futureheads, Albert Hammond, Jr., Greg Laswell, Michael & the Messengers, Bette Midler, Van Morrison, Maria Muldaur, Pan for Punks, Utopia and M. Ward do...


The Beach Boys, Blue Lu Barker, Kate Bush, Bobby Freeman, Buddy Holly, The O'Jays, Prince, The Ramones,The Reflections, Jimmie Rodgers, Pete Townshend, and The Velvet Underground.


On Monday night's "First Impressions" show, Dr. Gonzo and Marc review Broken Social Scene's "Forgiveness Rock Record" and LCD Soundsystem's "This is Happening." 

Make sure you're happening at 90.1 FM on your dial or streaming live at at 8pm EST, or we'll never forgive you.  (Gonzo might. I'm just a jerk). 

And, during Monday night's "Monday Sampler," during the 11:00 hour, the feature album?  Let's see...oh yes, Simple Minds' "Once Upon a Time" (1985).


Gonzo said...

I'll be curious what your take is on the Simple Minds album. I have it, but haven't really gotten into it. An Iowa pal turned me on to Sparkle in the Rain, which I love.

And no, I won't forgive them.

Marc said...

I forgot to mention "Sparkle in the Rain!" "Don't You (Forget About Me)" distracted me.