Saturday, January 23, 2010

Show #216--1/24/10

Elimination Dancing—Bow Wow Wow
Like a Cannonball—Menudo
Poker Face—Lady GaGa
Norway—Beach House
Feel it All Around—Washed Out
Cobra—Quicksilver Messenger Service
Black Widow—Stone Axe
Go Now—Bessie Banks
I Wish I Could Jerk Like My Uncle Cyril—Timebox
Girl Don’t Let Me Wait—Timebox
A Question of Temperature—The Balloon Farm
Cherry Red—Groundhogs
Three Girl Rhumba—Wire
Locals Only—Agression
Do the Standing Still—The Dismemberment Plan

Hour 2—Ouch! Various Injuries through Song

You Beat the Hell Out of Me—The Motors
I Got Stung—Paul McCartney
Blistered—Johnny Cash
Knocked Flat—Job Striles
Broken—The Guess Who
Cut to Pieces—The Turn
Shattered—The Rolling Stones
Dazed and Confused—Led Zeppelin
Blinded by the Light—Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
Torn—Natalie Imbruglia
Burnt—The Futureheads

As far as I can tell, you can't buy this song anywhere right now, but you can view it on YouTube.  A very good 80s pop song that I've always enjoyed (yes, I know it's cheesy).  I don't know if this "pre-Ricky Martin" Menudo song was originally written in Spanish, but if so, this English version comes out surprisingly good (and only the lead singer was fluent in English at this time, by the way).  The video is even clever (although the pinball machine in the cobwebby attic does stretch it)! 


Anonymous said...

The song "Like a Cannonball" is on Menudo's first English album, Reaching Out in 1984. It was also the title track to the movie "Cannonball Run II." There is a Spanish version as well. Don't be fooled by director Garry Marshall's autobiography where he wrote that only Robby Rosa who sang lead on the song spoke English. Two of the other boys (Charlie Rivera and Ricky Melendez) were also fluent in English while the other 2 spoke some English.

Oh and Yes, this was before Ricky Martin joined the group later that year.

Marc said...

Thanks, friend!