Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Show #211 (The Real One)--12/20/09

Ramble Tamble—Creedence Clearwater Revival
Wrong—Archers of Loaf
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)—The Rolling Stones
Blackberry—Apostle of Hustle
Drumming Song—Florence & the Machine
Tumble in the Rough—Stone Temple Pilots
Take it In—Hot Chip
Love My Way—The Psychedelic Furs
Mary Lee Jones—Lindsey Buckingham
Someday, Someway—Robert Gordon
Rumble—Link Wray and his Ray Men

Hour 2—Best of 2009 with Dr. Gonzo

I had a great time tonight with our 'best of' retrospective!

This is not quite the order of what was played, but I think this is (almost) a full list. (M) for Marc's picks, (G) for Gonzo's. You can check out Gonzo's commentary on his selections by visiting his blog here. For my selections, you'll have to make your own commentary...

Brother Sport—Animal Collective (M)
Bang!--The Raveonettes (G)
Made to Measure—Umphrey’s McGee (M)
When We Swam--Thao with the Get Down Stay Down (G)
Southern Point--Grizzly Bear (M)
Treat Me Like Your Mother--The Dead Weather (G)
Shark Suit—UUVVWWZ (M)
Never Had Nobody Like You--M. Ward (feat. Zooey Deschanel) (G)
Mermaid Struggle—Beep Beep (M)
Daniel--Bat for Lashes (G)
Great Are the Piths—Bibio (M)
1901--Phoenix (G)
The Sleeping Prophet—The Paper Hats (M)
Psychic City/Voodoo City--YACHT (G)
Dump Me Hard—Roger Klug (M)
Shelter--The XX (G)
Weak for Me—Nite Jewel (M)
Crying Lightning--Arctic Monkeys (G)
Chasing Pirates--Norah Jones (M)
Kiss My Name--Antony & the Johnsons (G)
Chasing Pirates—Norah Jones (M)
French Navy--Camera Obscura (G)
Cousins—Vampire Weekend (M)
Skeletons--Yeah Yeah Yeahs (G)
Two Doves—Dirty Projectors (M)
Love Letter to Japan--The Bird and the Bee (G)
The Great Defector—Bell X1 (M)
Andrew—Crystal Antlers (M)


Gonzo said...

You beat me to typing up the setlist! Thanks!

Marc said...

It's not quite accurate, I fear. I was operating on my memory. You can let me know what I missed...

Gonzo said...

Fairly accurate - I had a slightly different order taken from the log - just posted on my page.