Saturday, November 14, 2009

Show #206--11/15/09

Changes—The Zombies
Birds Fly Away—Theresa Andersson
Brick People Chant—Grampall Jookabox
Help I’m Alive—Metric
Bi-Curious—Roger Klug
Free Me—Roger Daltrey
While You Wait for the Others—Grizzly Bear
Vox Humana—Kenny Loggins
Tyranny—The Stabilizers
One for Me and You—Climax Blues Band
A Hundred Hearts—The Swimmers
You—Abra Moore
Possession—Sarah McLachlan

Hour 2—Sire Records

I’m Coming Home—The Deviants
Granny Takes a Trip—The Purple Gang
Christine I—Peter Kelley
A Commercial Proposition—Matthews’ Southern Comfort
Insurance—Climax Chicago Blues Band
Taking Some Time On—Barclay James Harvest
Hocus Pocus—Focus
Caribbean Moon—Kevin Ayers
Crazy Talk—Chilliwack
Blitzkrieg Bop—Ramones
The Book I Read—Talking Heads
Get Over You—The Undertones
Shake Some Action—The Flamin’ Groovies

Next week: More Sire Records, from 1979, and onward...

Caribbean Moon (1973)--Kevin Ayers

I'm not saying this video represents the entire second hour of tonight's sampler, but I thought it was fairly hilarious, and only gets better as it progresses. Ladies and gentlemen, the song stylings and banana dances of Kevin Ayers and friends.

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