Friday, May 15, 2009

Show #180--5/17/09

Thriftstore Jewelry—The Bad Plus
White Diamonds—Friendly Fires
Gold—Spandau Ballet
Tonight’s Today—Jack Peñate
Andrew—Crystal Antlers
Burglar Song—Autosalvage
I Feel Fine—The Beatles
Help Me Boy—The Daughters of Eve
Fancy—Bobbie Gentry
Woman of Heart and Mind—Joni Mitchell
Ain’t No Sunshine—Bill Withers
Made to Measure—Umphrey’s McGee
Under the Wheel—Split Enz

Hour 2—Split Enz "Fan Favorite" Countdown

The results are listed at the end of this post.

I asked fans to list their favorites, ranked in 1-2-3 order, with the #1 position given 3 points total, the #2 position received 2, and the #3 position received 1 point. If there were songs that ended up with the same amount of points, the song that received the highest individual scores got the higher position.

As I tallied the songs, 12 seemed a natural limit, as there were 12 songs that received at least 2 individual votes; there were many varied suggestions for Enz songs, but many received only one (but often times passionate) vote. Sorry about that! :/

Thanks much to the lovely people who participated in the poll: Amanda from Springfield, MO; Andrew from; Belinda; Chris from Charlottesville, NC; Chris from PA (Chris, I can’t remember if you actually live in Indiana…); Eddie from Wellington, NZ; James from Newcastle, NSW, Australia; Janine from Sydney, Australia; Jerry; Joanna; Kerron; Lauren from Dunedin, NZ (but originally from California!); Linda from Auckland, NZ; Linzi from Leeds; Martin from NZ; Nicola; Rene from Denver, CO; Robert; Steve from Columbus, OH; Tabatha from Woodbine, NSW, Australia; Trace from Wamberal, Australia. If I didn’t cite your city/town, you didn’t give it to me! Thanks once again. I hope you are able to hear the show, either “Sunday” or some other time. It was a pleasure assembling it, and touching base with all of you over the ‘net.

#12--I See Red (3 points)
#11--I Hope I Never (4)
#10--Nobody Takes Me Seriously (4)
#9--Giant Heartbeat (4)
#8--Bold as Brass (5)
#7--Dirty Creature (6)
#6--History Never Repeats (8)
#5--Stuff & Nonsense (9)
#4--Pioneer/Six Months in a Leaky Boat (9)
#3--Message to My Girl (11)
#2--One Step Ahead (12)
#1--I Got You (15)

...and these others that received one vote each:

Carried Away, The Devil You Know, Lovey Dovey, Stranger than Fiction, Sugar & Spice, Titus (all of these were ranked #1 on someone's list);

Hard Act to Follow, Hermit McDermit, I Wouldn't Dream of It, Make Sense of It, Poor Boy, Take a Walk, Under the Wheel (all of these were ranked #2 on someone's list);

Haul Away, Hello Sandy Allen, I Walk Away, My Mistake, Shark Attack, Spellbound, Strait Old Line, Time for a Change, What's the Matter With You, The Woman Who Loves You (likewise, #3)

...and finally, for the record, my personal choices were:

#1--Bold as Brass
#2--Make Sense of It
#3--I Walk Away

Hour 3—Feature album: I Just Can’t Stop It—The English Beat (1980)

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