Thursday, February 26, 2009

Show #170--3/1/09

A different kinda mix this week, in that there's more new music than usual in the first hour, from the latest from dance-pop darlings Franz Ferdinand (heard in a new iPod Touch commercial), to jazz with a contemporary beat from the always-fresh musical mind of Dave Douglas...we also hop over to Nigeria with the R&B/Jazz/African pop of Nigerian 'sensation' (well, she is pretty popular over there) Asa (pronounced "AH-sha"). And speaking of "AH," if I remember correctly, Kreviazuk is pronounced krev-ee-AH-chuk...Hour 2 is another one of my parlour game hours, where the host plays with a word (or rather, in this case, a name), and hopes to come up with something coherent and fun to listen to. We go way back in time, to a tune originally written in 1899 (and which one would that be?), quite possibly the furthest back we've ever trolled for a song (though honestly, the performance is from the 1990s, not the 1890s).

No You Girls—Franz Ferdinand
Moonshine—Dave Douglas
Green-Eyed Lady—Sugarloaf
For Today—Jessica Lea Mayfield
Color Him Folky—Howard Roberts
Ya Ba Da Ba—The Rowans
Nights Are Forever Without You—England Dan & John Ford Coley
Before You—Chantal Kreviazuk
No One Knows—Asa
Young Atlantis—A.C. Newman
Get Out of London—Intaferon
202—The Weather Machines
Great Scott!—Benjy Ferree

Hour 2—Great Scott!

Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin)—Pasadena Roof Orchestra
The Penguin—Raymond Scott Quintette
Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool—Little Jimmy Scott
Hey Girl—Freddie Scott
Like an Old-Time Movie—Scott McKenzie
Dream Song—Scott Matthews
Uptown and Country—Tom Scott
Jackie—Scott Walker
Crown Royal—Jill Scott
The Bottle—Gil Scott-Heron
Missin’ Cleveland—Scott Weiland
Hillbilly in the Band—Scott Henderson

OK--here I go again: If you listened to the show, what did you like the most/least? I sure would like to know. Drop me a comment below! --Marc

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