Thursday, January 15, 2009

Show #164--1/18/09

For Today—Jessica Lea Mayfield
Will You Return?—The Avett Brothers
Being Here—The Stills
Fire—Jason Collett
Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire—Joni Mitchell
Blow Away—George Harrison
Walking Through My Dreams—The Pretty Things
Walking on a Dream—Empire of the Sun
Escalator of Life—Robert Hazard
Street Trash—Tobacco
Less Cities, More Moving People—The Fixx
Roads Girdle the Globe—XTC
The Footsteps Die Out Forever—Kaki King
Long Dark Road—The Hollies

Hour 2—Bush Years

A theme hour 8 years in the making...

Not a Political Song—Holmes
You Got Away With It—Todd Snider
A Few Words in Defense of Our Country—Randy Newman
All These People—Harry Connick, Jr.
Black Rain—Ben Harper
To the New Mandarins—Channels
Shock and Awe—Neil Young
Light Up Ya Lighter—Michael Franti & Spearhead
When the President Talks to God—Bright Eyes
We Can’t Make it Here—James McMurtry
Long Dark Night—John Fogerty

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