Thursday, May 29, 2008

Show #130--6/1/08

Between the Worlds—Sunfold
Suzi Found a Weapon—Randy VanWarmer
Better to Be—Liam Finn
Circus of Horror—Quiet Village
Nappy Head (Theme from “Ghetto Man”)—War
Treat Her Right—Roy Head
Sunny—Bobby Hebb
Get Down from the Tree—The Matadors
Antique Doll—The Electric Prunes
Hard Coming Love—The United States of America
Foxey Lady—Jimi Hendrix Experience
Wear Your Love Like Heaven—My Morning Jacket
Firewood—The Waxwings
Dirty City—Steve Winwood

Hour 2—Electricity

Hot Bright Lights—The Grass Roots
Electricity—Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band
Shock the Monkey—Peter Gabriel
Electric Feel—MGMT
Cross Wires—XTC
Electricity, Electricity—Goodness
Thomas Edison Invents the Light Bulb—Stan Freberg
Blow a Fuse—Betty Hutton
Electric Bird—Sia
Generator—The Holloways
High Voltage—AC/DC
Electric Avenue—Eddy Grant
Dim the Lights—Handsome

Hour 3—Feature album: Long Distance Voyager—The Moody Blues (1981)

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